BioSpeech Inc. receives $234,000 for new NIH SBIR Phase I Sleep Apnea project.

Sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is believed to be a widespread, underdiagnosed condition associated with detrimental health problems, at a high cost to society. The current gold standard for diagnosis of SDB is a time consuming, expensive, and obtrusive (requiring many attached wires) sleep study, or polysomnography (PSG).

The proposed work will create a portable, low-cost, and minimally obtrusive system for automatically detecting sleep-disordered breathing, such as cessation of breathing (apnea). The system will enable early and frequent screening for sleep-disordered breathing in a patient’s home, significantly increasing patient comfort while capturing more representative sleep data compared to a clinical sleep study requiring many attached wires.

This grant strengthens our mission of detecting health conditions through computational analysis of behavioral signs.